Friday, April 20, 2012

Cinema secrets lip gloss palette #11 All that glosses

Just a quick post of my Cinema Secrets lip gloss swatches. Palette #11 All that glosses has 5 colours Ice (just a clear gloss), Snow white (slightly yellow gloss with white shine), Gold dust (gold gloss), Pixie pink (slightly yellow gloss with a touch of pink depending on how the light hits it) and Iced lilac (slightly yellow gloss with a touch of purple depending on how the light hits it). As with most swatches it can be a bit hard to tell in photos.
You can use them on their own or over lipstick for a nice gloss or even to change the hue of lipsticks. I always keep it in my kit just in case as its in a palette form and doesn't take up much space.

    Ice,        Snow white,    Gold dust,    Pixie pink,    Iced lilac

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