Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Makeup Studio Australia Durable lip fluid swatches

Recently I've been putting my brides onto the Makeup Studio Australia's Durable lip fluids which promise to be waterproof, smudge-proof and kiss-proof. Usually I give clients a variety of lip products to choose from as everyone is different but I just haven't come across anything to be as long lasting as these lip fluid and gloss combo.

They aren't cheap at $38.90 a pop but essentially you'll be getting two items, a lipstick and a gloss. Its a double ended wand with colour on one side and gloss on the other. Colour is applied with the doe foot wand and once it's completely dried you apply the gloss with its brush wand which locks the colour in place and gives it a natural or high gloss shine depending on how much you apply. They come in a variety of colours and I always suggest that if it's a colour you can see yourself wearing everyday then it would be worth it to invest for your wedding day as touching up is as easy as reapplying gloss. You can always use other glosses with them but unfortunately it doesn't have the same staying power but still longer than a normal lipstick.

Without gloss

With gloss

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