Sunday, November 25, 2012

Yaby World of Peal Paints palette - swatches

Did I mention I love palettes, especially if they hold a lot of colours and are compact. I always carry 3 Yaby eyeshadow palettes around so I can have a choice between 120 shadows but to be honest I hardly need to open 2 of them as most of my work is bridal but I like it when my palettes are uniform and they fit into my drawers unlike my other palettes. Like my Yaby dramatically neutral palette these eye shadows are very pigmented and these pearl paints are also water resistant. I love looking at all the pretty colours together! Enjoy the swatches :)

 column 1

  column 2

  column 3

  column 4

  column 5

  column 6

 column 7

 column 8 

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