Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Heidi & Craig's engagement shoot

I received some pictures of hair and makeup I did for an engagement shoot from Black duck photography, an Adelaide based wedding photographers, who I've worked with a number of times.

I was asked to do bed hair with a natural no make look but with sexy eyes for an intimate boudoir shoot. Even though I was hired by the photographers this time to do a certain look I always double check with the subject just to make sure they are fine with everything. She was but I just had a feeling, and it wasn't until we got to the end that she mentioned she liked the bright blushes and it came out that she usually wore a lot of makeup and felt a bit naked as the makeup wasn't as full coverage. There's no point doing makeup the subject isn't comfortable with so i spent a bit more time going over to something she was more comfortable with but still keeping with the photographers request and you could tell she was a lot happier.

Products used:

Yaby liquid foundation
Graftobian HD powder foundation
La femme blush

Masquerade matt eyeshadow palette
Inglot gel liner

Inglot AMC lip pencil
Graftobian lipstick

So remember if you don't like something, say something or be specific, it won't hurt my feelings, i get paid regardless but I'd rather you love what i did and how you looked. We can tell that you don't quite like something but if you keep saying it's ok then we won't know what to change and every time you see your photos, you'd want to remember how much fun you had with your partner, rather then what a crap job the makeup artist did.

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