Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Yaby liquid foundation

One of my favourite liquid foundations is a silicone base by Yaby. It has a smooth texture that's not thick so I can build coverage and the finish is not too shiny or matt, very nice and natural, like skin. I purchased it as a set from Makeup and Glow as i had the cream foundations and wanted something for people who didn't need full coverage but since its an oil free silicone base it's still good for oily/acne prone skins.
Yaby products were created with the makeup artist in mind so the packaging is always small and convenient for condensing kits (just how i like it!) but don't let the size fool you as with all pro brands its quite pigmented and has last me quite a while.

daisy (corrector), ivory, vanilla, buff, honey, pecan, chocolate chip, cherry blossom (corrector/blush)

Just a quick note of foundation matching, swatches should be done on your face to neck and your correct colour should blend into your skin and become "invisible," if my face was the same colour as my arm then i would be honey or pecan.


  1. how well do you find these photograph?? I have been really keen to use these foundations for future bridal clients... :)

  2. I used it on this model and it covered her pimples pretty well. I only had to used a bit of Face Atelier to conceal where necessary but with all foundations it really depends on the clients skin.
    I also like using it on myself as I really like the natural finish.