Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bronwyn's wedding hair

I realise that my blog is called the bridal hairstylist (only because I was trying to find a name that wasn't already taken) yet there hasn't been a blog on bridal hair... So when I did hair for Bronwyn's wedding last week I thought I'd take some pictures for my blog post.
Everyone had different hair; short, thick, thin and highlighted, so we went with similar curl styles but to suit each persons hair and different hair accessories. The flower girls had their hair done elsewhere but by the time they got to the hotel and after all the running around their curls  had dropped a bit so I pinned their hair and revived some of the curls.
The wedding was amazing and the girls were absolutely lovely, you can see more pictures from Bronwyn's wedding on Jewel's Facebook.

Professional photo courtesy of Jewel Chenoweth Photography. 

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