Friday, July 20, 2012

Inglot AMC lip pencil swatches

My favourite go to lip liners. I initially bought these as I like matt lip colours and the makeup artist at Inglot suggest I use these under their lipstick since I found them to be  a bit too creamy.
The Inglot AMC lip pencils are larger than average pencils so it's much quicker to line and fill in the whole lips. As with all matt lip products it can be drying so make sure you prep your lips before hand (dry cracked lips are a definite no no). If you're not in to matt lipstick you can just use them as liners or easily change their texture with a bit of gloss, something I like to do so it gives a softer colour and doesnt look to harsh with more natural makeup.

A great tip, if you are planning on buying these pencils buy their sharpener also! I have a few sharpeners to fit different size pencils but even though they fit it work sharpen these liners without breaking them and losing a lot of product :(

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