Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Belinda's wedding hair - Chignon

I wanted to share some pictures I took on my phone of Belinda's wedding hair from Sunday. I love structured updos! This is a very classic style that would suit a lot of different wedding themes and dress styles and since everything is up and out of the way you don't have to worry about hair dropping, getting in your face or on your neck. A very resilient style for those wet windy days or crazy hot days!

We didn't get to have a trial beforehand as Belinda is from Melbourne but since she had already gotten married in April (in Melbourne, where they live and had celebrations with Cam's family in Queensland and now the big Italian wedding in Adelaide with Belinda's family) I already knew the style could be done on her hair as she had pictures from her wedding with the exact same style. 
The only thing we changed on the day was not using her clip in hair extensions since her hair had grown longer since April it wasn't absolutely necessary. For those with shorter and thinner hair remember this style is still achievable with clip in hair extensions and padding and can be made smaller, bigger, higher or lower for a different feel to suit your style.

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