Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Vanessa and Dave's profession wedding photos

Below are Vanessa and Dave's professional wedding photos taken by her amazing photographer Carla of  Carla Mucucci Photography to give you an idea of how a professional photographer, time, light and atmosphere (in your dress with your flowers and friends and family to share in your happiness) can really transform how you look and feel.

Interesting story, Adelaide is very small and the wedding industry even smaller. Imagine the photographer's surprised when she walked in to see her sister aka my second artist doing the bridesmaids hair and mother of the brides hair and makeup! So thats how I've had access to these photos, having connections and Facebook stalking lol, otherwise I'd be too scared to ask for photos and hence why i don't usually have any wedding photos to share on my blog.

Brides hair and makeup and bridesmaids makeup done by me.

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