Friday, March 23, 2012

Cleaning makeup brushes

Last night i had to clean brushes for a wedding so i thought I'd take some photos for a post to show you guys how i do it. I like to have heaps of brushes, a mini set for each client so i don't have to clean in between when doing a wedding party and clean them all when i get home instead.

I don't mind disinfecting with a brush cleaner in between if I'm short on brushes but i find it to be like wipes. When you can't have a shower its okay to use it to refresh yourself but i just don't feel totally clean till i have a proper shower.

 I use the brush cleaner first to disinfect and get rid of any makeup on the brush, foundations and lipsticks are the worst. I just spray it directly onto the brush and wipe it on a piece of thick tissue till all the product is gone. I then use antibacterial soap to clean the brush bristles in my palm and wash it till there is no more suds. Be careful not to submerge the brushes underwater as it can compromise the glue. 
Once they are clean I leave the brushes to dry over night on a towel. During summer they dry within a few hours but in winter, sometimes i have to use a blow dryer if I'm in a hurry. You just have to be careful as the metal part can heat up quickly, melting the glue on your bushes or worst, burn you.

When they dry i pack them in my brush, i like to have at least one set of clean bushes roll ready to go for those unexpected trials or photo shoot.

If you're just cleaning your own brushes, a wash every now and again with soap is enough, the bush cleaner just makes it easier. But remember cleaner brushes make for better application. 

Now to clean them all over again for Saturday and Sunday's shoots...

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