Monday, March 5, 2012

Moo, I salute you - business cards

I am so happy with my new business cards! They came in the the mail today all the way from America. I ordered them on Sunday 19th of February, they took 5 days to print and it was despatched on Friday 24th of February. So all in all it took 15 days from start to finish!

The quality and service was great and they are famous for printfinity, which is why I ordered from them. Basically you can have a different picture on each and every card at no extra cost and the minimum starts at 50 standard cards or 100 mini cards! So I can print new pictures as I update my portfolio, I even ordered a batch of mini cards so I can give them out for my nail work, too cute!

They were even nice enough to give my friends 10% off their first order, so if you're looking for new cards check them out.

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