Friday, February 10, 2012

Cinema secrets lip palette kit #1 Buy me love

I'm usually a boring and inconspicuous person but I love red! Lips, nails, shoes, bags you name it, there's just something about red that calls for attention but can also be simple and demure at the same time.

I believe there's a red lipstick for everyone, you just have to try them all and see which one suits you the most (or the one that makes you feel the most confident).

My favorite red lip palette is the #1 Buy me love from Cinema Secrets. It is my go to palette for when I'm doing vintage looks and I always keep it in my bridal kit just in case I get a bride who wants statement lips.

The palette comes in 5 colours which are wearable on their own or can be mixed and customized. I like the texture, nice and firm, which makes it easy to apply, the pigment is great and the formula is very long lasting.

(L - R) Simply rose, red rose, true red, red passion and paprika

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