Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hello and welcome

Hello and welcome to the first post on my blog!

After launching my website OBSESSED WITH BEAUTY I thought a page where clients could keep up to date with my projects and in the process see how I work, what I work with and to address commonly asked questions would be a good idea.

I'm obsessed with all things wedding and hope to give tips on bridal hair and makeup as well as ideas for looks and themes.

I love doing bridal hair and just can't refrain from buying makeup so look out for my product swatches and don't be surprised if you see nails thrown in as well.

Apart from being of service to my brides and having happy wedding parties I hope to be published one day and be the name that every bride thinks of when the topic of weddings come up.

So come follow me as I embark on my journey to becoming Adelaide's most sort after bridal stylist!

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