Thursday, August 23, 2012

Graftobian corrector swatches

Swatches of my Graftobian corrector palette which is quite creamy and easy to blend. Not something I use too often but I always carry it in my kit anyway just in case. Correctors are used before foundation (or can even be mixed with foundation) as opposed to concealers which is used after foundation.
Correctors work by using opposite colours on the colour wheel to cancel each other out therefore hiding imperfections. So Soft Orange Neutral neutralises blue, Yellow Hi-Lite cancels deep reds and purples, Muted Green removes redness, Pink Hi-Lite counteracts greys or browns and Extra Hi-Lite is a light highlighter.

Soft Orange Neutral, Yellow Hi-Lite, Muted Green, Pink Hi-Lite, Extra Hi-Lite.

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