Saturday, August 18, 2012

Claudia's wedding hair

Such a beautiful day for a wedding, congratulations Claudia and Tyrone! I just wanted to share some pictures of the hairstyles I did this morning for Claudia's wedding party.

Claudia wanted a half up half down do with curls so she could wear her tiara and wanted some pinned curls so her hair wouldn't look so plain when her veil was in placed for her ceremony or when it would be taken out for her reception. The bridesmaids choose a beautiful curl style with some volume at the crown to compliment the brides hairstyle and the flower girls hair was simple curls to match everyone else.

A great tip and why I like doing the flower girls hair last, most often being young their hair is so healthy it doesn't hold curls for very long especially when its naturally straight and they like to run around... If you like a style that will last on them I suggest a cute curly up do so that everything is pinned. If you like them or anyone else for that matter to have curly hair just be aware curls will relaxed. Depending on their hair type, some faster than others and anything that is not pin will drop. This can easily be solved though by bringing your own curling iron to touch up just before the reception.

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  1. Claudia's wedding hair look awesome. My cousin just got married recently and she went for the hair updo for her big day. It was perfect. In fact I would like to say everything was just so inspirational on their big day. The ceremony held at one of the beachside wedding venues followed by a blasting reception at local indoor spot.