Sunday, August 26, 2012

La femme blush swatches pt 2

My second blush palette from La femme with the colours I picked out as my first palette wasn't as colourful as it could be. I notice as I love doing bridal work I do tend to use some colours more than others so I think I may need to find a smaller empty palette to carry the more popular colours from the two as their palettes a little too long to fit in my kit...
Any ways onto the swatches, I just wanted to mention the pictures below were swatched with my fingers so they are quite pigmented and look harsh but when used with a light hand and applied with a brush they will look more natural and blend on the skin. I used a brush to blend the blushes lightly after they were swatched to give a better idea of colours but obviously it is best to apply lightly and add more as needed rather than too much and trying to buff it back. With all blushes remember to tap off excess product so you don't over apply, however if you do find yourself applying too much, a little bit of powder on your brush will help to tone down and blend the colours more.

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